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We are Australia’s only certified distributor of quality HBS Fibre Laser Engraving & Cutting machines

Timber Tools is proud to be Australia’s only certified distributor for HBS fibre laser engravers and fibre laser cutting machines. These innovative machines can etch your logo or custom graphic onto a huge range of surfaces. Timber Tools can provide this service on any project, but the machines themselves are for sale direct from our showroom in Bayswater, Victoria.

The HBS GQ 20A1 has the newly enclosed design which fully complies with German safety regulations. Integrated self-shutdown system and the optional waste air exhaust system ensure the health condition and the safety of the operating personnel. When the door opens unexpectedly, or emergency button is pressed down, the system will automatically shut down.

From 20W to 100W, we will provide the most suitable laser marking source based on your needs. No matter you want annealing, engraving, ablating, etc., GQ 20A1 can achieve your desired results with no problem. Focus finder system, pilot laser, easy to use software, motorized Z axis, all integrated features will make your marking process more efficient and productive.

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