Quality Melbourne made tool manufacturing

Timber Tools have a proud history with nearly 50 years of creating an extensive range of drill bits, saw blades, CNC tooling and other general hardware for the woodworking industry. At our showroom in Bayswater, Melbourne, we have many read-to-buy drill bits and blades from quality manufacturers such as Carbi-Tools and Frezite. However if you have a custom request or need an engineered solution, our design team can assist with a full manufacturing process from start to finish.

Our showroom stock is all available at competitive pricing and can be ordered in larger quantities by calling our support team. Timber Tools is also proud to be Australia’s certified distributor of HBS Laser Engravers, the very latest in technology from the world’s leading engraving machine specialists. Visit us in Bayswater for a live demonstration!

Read more about some of our key products below and for more information please call us today on (03) 9729 2944.

  • CNC Spirals & Compression cutters
  • TCT Saw Blades
  • Metal Cutting Tools & Cold Saw Blades
  • Sharpening Service
  • General Engineering
  • Knives
  • Router Cutters
  • Band Saw Blades
  • Laser Machines
  • Laser Cutting Machines.

+ Much More

CNC Spirals & Compression cutters

At Timber Tools we import our Carbide direct from Germany, to ensure that we supply the best grade of Carbide for any application. With our two ANCA CNC grinding machines we offer superb precision. We also offer custom made cutters such as Bull Nose, V Point, Step Tooling, etc, in all sizes up to 25mm. In house manufacturing and resharpening.

TCT Saw Blades

Timber Tools carries an extensive range of TCT Circular saw blades from a variety of manufacturers. Specifically designed for cutting Timber, Aluminium, Plastic and Steel Dry cuts, to suit all of your cutting applications. We also offer a full, in house, sharpening service of all of these blades.

Metal Cutting Tools & Cold Saw Blades

We supply and sharpen a vast array of HSS Blades, (Brobo Blades), Splitting Saws, Rota Broaches, Milling cutters, Punch and Dies, Guillotine Blades, Drill bits (HSS and Carbide) and all types of End Mills (HSS and Carbide)


Buzzer Blades and Plainer Knives, HSS/TCT, Chipper Blades, Moulder Blades, HHS Serrated Back profile Knives, manufactured and sharpened to your requirements.

Don’t see the product you are looking for? We can source or make it for you! Call (03) 9729 2944

Router Cutters

We stock a large range of Carbitool router cutters. We also custom make small and large routers to suit CNC router machines and hand helds, for that specific application you may have. We can manufacture from a timber sample or drawings, we will work with you to get it right.

Laser Cutting Machines

These machines are easy to use. From the easy to use software, motorised Z axis, pilot laser and focus finder system. We’re also Australia’s certified distributor for HBS Laser Engraver machines, find out more about laser engravers here.

Band Saw Blades

We can supply and sharpen a large range of Carbon Flex Back, Hobby and Bimetal.

Custom Products

Timber Tools can help with just about any custom router bits, saw blades or tooling you require so please get in touch with our team today in Bayswater to get started.

Ready to discuss your next project – big or small?