Tool Sharpening

Fast and precise tool and saw blade sharpening services in Melbourne

Sharp tools are essential for any task, from woodworking and manufacturing, to a huge range of tradesman services. A dull tool requires more effort to use, increases the risk of injury, and often leads to inferior results. Regular tool sharpening with Timber Tools is crucial to maintain optimal performance and safety.

Timber Tools offers tool and saw blade sharpening services in Bayswater, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We are the go-to tool sharpeners for handymen to large timber millers, so you can be sure we can handle your sharpening needs. We have vast experience and professional tool sharpening knowledge to ensure the perfect finish, maintenance support and new tool/blade sales. Timber Tools provides these tool sharpening services:

  • Saw blades (circular, band, guillotine, etc.)
  • Drill bits
  • Router bits
  • Planer/thicknesser knives
  • Counter sinks
  • Hole saws
  • And more! (Contact us for other requests)

Why Choose Timber Tools?

Precision Equipment: Timber Tools utilises specialised sharpening equipment designed to handle various tool types with accuracy and efficiency. This ensures consistent results and optimal tool performance.

Material Knowledge: Timber Tools possess in-depth knowledge of different tool materials and their sharpening requirements. This ensures the correct sharpening technique is applied to each tool, maximising its lifespan and cutting precision.

Custom Sharpening: Timber Tools caters to specific needs. Whether you require a custom blade profile or a particular sharpening angle, we can tailor specific services to your requirements.

Beyond Tool Sharpening

While sharpening is one of our core services, Timber Tools offers a broader range of solutions for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals. From custom tool manufacturing to expert advice and sales of leading brands, we serve as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to optimise their manufacturing capabilities.

Remember, maintaining sharp tools is crucial for safety, efficiency, and achieving optimal results in your projects. Timber Tools presents itself as a reliable and comprehensive solution for all your tool sharpening and related needs in Melbourne.

If you’re looking for tool and saw blade sharpening services around the Bayswater area contact us today!

Different tools require different sharpening techniques and angles. Timber Tools have over 30 years of sharpening experience and world-class machinery that sharpen saw blades and cutting tools with absolute precision.

How does Tool Sharpening work?

Tool sharpening essentially involves reshaping the metal at the cutting edge to create a sharp, clean angle. This process removes any bluntness or nicks that have accumulated over time, restoring the tool’s ability to cut efficiently and safely. Here’s a breakdown of the general principles:

1. Removing Metal:

Sharpening methods rely on abrasives that gradually remove small amounts of metal from the blade. These abrasives can be:

  • Whetstones: Flat stones with varying levels of grit (coarseness).
  • Diamond sharpeners: Diamond-coated surfaces that provide consistent and effective sharpening.
  • Files: Metal tools with grooves that scrape away metal.
  • Electric grinding wheels: Rotating wheels coated with abrasive material.

2. Creating the Bevel:

The key to a sharp tool is the bevel, which is the angled surface at the cutting edge. Sharpening involves maintaining or recreating the correct bevel angle for the specific tool type.

  • Different tools have different ideal bevel angles. For example, knives typically have a smaller angle for finer cuts, while axes have a larger angle for heavy-duty chopping.
  • Maintaining the correct angle ensures the tool cuts cleanly and efficiently.

3. Removing the Burr:

Sharpening often creates a tiny “burr” of metal along the opposite side of the blade. This burr needs to be removed as it can dull the edge or cause discomfort when using the tool.

Honing steels or the smooth side of a whetstone are often used to remove the burr by gently stroking the edge of the blade at a flat angle.

4. Delivery & Maintenance:

Once Timber Tools has perfected the sharpening of your tool or saw blade, we then prepare and package it ready for pickup or can even have fast delivery organised to your door.

Ensuring that your tool is regularly sharpened will ensure it performs at its best and cuts smoothly and safely. Be sure to book in regular maintenance and Timber Tools can keep your cutting tools working at optimum levels, saving you time and money with replacement blades.

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